In Memory of Bob Carter

It is with a great deal of grief and joy that we recognize the passing of Bob Carter, one of the founders of this God-given ministry. We are grieved that our beloved friend is no longer with us. However, we have joy knowing he has entered glory in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We also have joy as we remember the life of this exceptional man.

Everyone who met Bob, quickly became a friend. He truly cared for all others putting them before himself. We saw the truth of this both here in the United States and in Kenya where even as an outsider, he overcame many barriers to win the trust, respect and love of the Kenyan people.

In many ways Bob was just like anyone else. He raised his family and worked as a salesman for a steel fabrication company. He loved Jesus and served Him in various ways through his local church. It was later in life when he found his real purpose. At a time when most people slow down and retire, God called Bob and his wife Ethel to do something even they could not imagine.

Bob and Ethel took their first mission trip to Kenya in 2001. They were there to help a Kenyan pastor, but soon discovered God had other plans for them. They saw orphaned children of all ages roaming the streets without adequate clothes, food or education. God burdened their hearts so much that they had to take action. Over the next seven years, Bob and Ethel traveled back to Kenya, navigated a foreign legal process, raised money, found property, built the orphanage, hired a staff and continued to follow God’s leading at every step. On February 15, 2008, Bob had the joy of watching the first children come into The Hope Centre. Those children along with the hundreds who followed them have received not only the basics such as food, clothing and shelter but more importantly the love of Jesus Christ as people like Bob and our staff have shared the Gospel both in words and loving actions.

Back in 2001, Bob could not have imagined the effect Living Hope Ministries International would have on Kenyans and Americans. Over 200 children’s lives have been improved by the orphanage. Sixteen new churches have been planted. A staff of Kenyans have been steadily employed for nearly 10 years, a rarity in rural Kenya. Dozens of short term volunteers and interns have served at the Hope Centre, an experience that always changes lives. Hundreds of supporters contribute to the ministry by sponsoring children and praying for the ministry. As a result of the efforts of all these people, nearly 4,000 people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The numbers are miraculous. But Bob Carter is remembered for much more than numbers. His love for Jesus and for others was an example to us all. Jesus taught us that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind. He also taught us the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. We saw this during the first team trip to Oyuma. The team was headed out to do door to door evangelism. Bob’s legs were hurting that morning, so he decided to stay behind. However, the Holy Spirit urged Bob to get up. Bob walked to the next house and greeted the man living there. The man was opposed to Christianity but allowed Bob to come in because a Mzungu had bothered to visit him. Bob shared the Gospel and the man prayed to receive Christ. Bob was obedient to Jesus. Even in pain, Bob loved God and loved others. We can’t help but to think Jesus gave Bob to us as an example of how to love God and love others. We miss Bob greatly.

Karibu pronounced CARE eee boo

Karibu means "You're Welcome" in the Luo Language, BUT when repeated 3 times in rapid succession by an intern, it means "I don't have a clue what you are saying". That is almost always followed by howls of laughter from the kids. It's amazing the bonds and 'Secret Language' that develops as you spend time with these kids. Please take a moment to look at the orphanage through the eyes of Justin who spent the summer at the Hope Centre.

God is Good and He Knows What He is Doing

It is with a great deal of sorrow and grief that I must report to you that our dear little Evone lost her battle with kidney failure. Yesterday, she entered glory and met Jesus face to face.

Evone came to live with us at the Hope Centre just a year ago in July. Her life prior to the Hope Centre was difficult. With no parents, she lived with a neighbor who was known to spend more money on alcohol than on her children.

Evone quickly acclimated to the Hope Centre. She was known for laughing, playing and doing her chores with the other young girls who have lived there for many years. Evone’s smile was one that will not be forgotten. Her laugh was contagious and her enthusiasm was heart-warming. Evone loved to dance to the music that plays throughout the entire compound – music that praises the name of Jesus! Evone will be greatly missed.

At Living Hope, we were greatly blessed by the many generous donations that were given to help with Evone’s medical bills. Through those donations, we will assist Evone’s family with funeral expenses. Also, with any remaining funds, we are establishing an emergency medical fund to help the other children in our care.

Help us build a school in 2016

School1 School2 Interns Teaching

Imagine schools made from sticks, mud and corrugated steel. Imagine one teacher for every 55 students and sitting on the floor because there aren't enough desks. Imagine three students sharing a desk and textbook because there aren't enough to go around. Imagine languishing in a classroom, in some cases, for most of the day without a teacher to offer instruction.

It's hard to imagine because it's so far from the American norm, but it's the reality that our children face. Our eager students occupy teacher-less classrooms for hours each day with no textbooks and no assignments. They are deprived of the cognitive stimulation and critical thinking skills that are the foundation of scholastic achievement.

Our vision is to open a school at The Hope Center, primarily staffed by qualified Kenyan teachers with capable American oversight. We would ensure a low student/teacher ratio and provide accountability for teacher attendance and performance. The school would offer sufficient access to textbooks, manipulatives, and other teaching tools absent from our village schools.

If you're interested in learning more about our vision for the school, would like to hold a fund-raiser to benefit the school, or know of a corporate entity that might have an interest in providing a grant, please contact us.

We Need them to GO...

Meet Pierce and Carma Foulk. We NEED this dear couple to return to Kenya. Pierce and Carma served for many years with Wycliffe Bible Translators as teachers and administrators in their school in Nairobi. When Wycliffe closed the school, Pierce and Carma returned to the United States where they have served the Lord in various capacities. But their hearts are in Kenya. They know the people, they love the people and they love the Lord. They will serve the Lord through Living Hope as administrators of our new school overseeing the construction, hiring of staff, and all aspects of the operation of the school. They are now in the process of raising support funds. If you would like to partner with them financially, please go to our donation page.

Look Up!

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Order merchandise. Proceeds from these sales go to help build the school.

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