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Greetings Friends:

Everyone associated with Living Hope knows the tremendous importance of prayer. I shared with my church that prayer is at the foundation of all we do at Living Hope. Without prayer, we would be like an army with no leader. Every soldier would go in whichever direction he chose or no direction at all. It would be total chaos. Therefore, we are launching a new prayer initiative called 10-10-10. We are asking anyone who would like to participate to pray on the 10th of each month for 10 children for a minimum of 10 minutes. Just before the tenth of each month, we will send out pictures and bios of 10 children and ask you to pray for them. We will also send out other prayer requests that are important for that month.

If you would like to participate in this prayer initiative, please respond to this e-mail with a simple YES. Otherwise, we won't bother you any further. You will be able to find these prayer requests on the web site, I know that the 10th has passed and the next 10th is weeks away. However, there are several urgent prayer requests that need to be brought before our Lord right away. Please join in praying about the following:

  • Bob Carter continues to suffer from fluid build up. This is both a heart and lung problem that has had him hospitalized.
  • Pierce and Carma Foulk are to be our school administrators. Today (2/16/16), their daughter who has breast cancer is having a double mastectomy. Chemo-therapy and additional surgeries will follow. Also, they are trying to raise support funds so that they may return to Kenya full-time.
  • We are planning a school for our children and others from the community. Fund raising is a God-sized task. Pray that He will provide for this need which will not only improve education but also give us another tool to share the Gospel and teach the truth of His Word.
  • Below are the first 10 orphans. Please pray for them over the next several weeks. For those of you who would like to commit to praying on the 10th of each month, we will send another list of 10 children just before the 10th of March.
  • Pray on the 10th of each month

    for 10 minutes

    for 10 children.

    First 10 Children Second 10 Children Third 10 Children