Child Information for Collins Oketch Ochieng

Collins Oketch Ochieng
6/28/2008 12:00:00 AM
1/1/2001 12:00:00 AM


South Sakwa
Nyanza Awendo
South Sakwa

Collins came to The Hope Centre with his younger brother Vincent in 2008 at just 6 years old. Prior to coming to The Hope Centre, Collins and Vincent lived with their Shosho (grandmother) — and they still visit her on school holidays. Collins enjoys helping his grandmother with tasks at home and around the shamba (garden) - where they grow corn, pineapple, banana, and avocado. Now, at age 17, Collins is in Form 2 (sophomore year) at The Carter Education Centre here in Oyuma, Kenya. Next year, he plans to be a prefect for his class and serve as an officer for the high school. His favorite subjects in school are CRE (Christian Religious Education) and History. After Form 4 (senior year) at The CEC, Collins plans to become a mechanical engineer to work on automobiles and motorbikes. He also wants to become a driver and help people around the village.