Child Information for Vincent Oketch Omondi

Vincent Oketch Omondi
6/28/2008 12:00:00 AM
1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM


South Sakwa
Nyanza Awendo
South Sakwa

Vincent came to The Hope Centre in 2008 at age 5 with his older brother Collins. The two had been living with their shosho (grandmother) in a nearby town called Oyani. Vincent and Collins still visit their Shosho when on a holiday from school - where Vin loves to help with chores around the house and the shamba (garden). He and his brother care for the cows, sheep, and goats - but “Shosh” takes care of the chickens herself. Now in Form 2 (sophomore year) at age 16, Vincent attends The Carter Education Centre. His favorite subjects are Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Agriculture. Vincent is somewhat of a social butterfly — when asked who his best friends are, Vin listed countless names before simply stating, “I have sooo many friends!” — Vincent is our resident football (soccer) star and his favorite team to keep up with in the papers is Manchester City. — After Form 4 (senior year), Vincent plans to attend Kisii University to study dentistry and play collegiate soccer.