Child Information for Junior (Jude) Haggai Ruto

Junior (Jude) Haggai Ruto
5/9/2011 12:00:00 AM
3/24/2004 12:00:00 AM


Nyanza Migori Suba East
Suna Central

Junior is currently in 8th grade and will be entering high school in January! He loves Social Studies and English because he loves to learn more about Kenyan history and he also desires to learn more and more English so that he does not have to rely so heavily on his tribal language. Junior is very proficient in English and only gets better year after year! He also loves to play volleyball and he is especially talented in soccer. During school holidays, when Kenyan government requires all children who have been orphaned and live at a children’s home such as The Hope Centre to return home to their guardians, Junior goes to stay with his aunt and two other siblings. When he is there, he enjoys studying and also helping his aunt with household duties. He helps with washing the dishes, sweeping the compound, and fetching water from the nearby well. Junior has proudly accepted Jesus as his Savior! He did this in 2012 because “he was seeing all the people at The Hope Centre going to devotion everyday and so he decided to take Jesus as his personal Savior”. Junior’s favorite verse is John 14:6.