Child Information for Flora Ongayo

Flora Ongayo
11/4/2008 12:00:00 AM


Flora has been a part of the Hope Centre since it’s opening in 2008. Flora has grown to be a leader for our younger girls, and is a great example of how God’s faith and love never fails. She is currently in Form 1 at The Carter, and her favorite subject this year is Kiswahili. She enjoys speaking it, but the main reason it is her favorite is because she loves her teacher. After she graduates, she wants to attend University in Kisumu and study education. She wants to teach Kiswahili at a secondary school there because it is a large, nice city. The Kenya government requires all orphans to return to whatever family they have during school holidays, but Flora doesn’t have any family that is safe for her to stay with. So, she stays with one of our dorm parents, Rosemary, right across the street from the Hope Centre. She is never too far from home! Flora is most thankful to the Hope Centre for the guidance and care she has received growing up.