Child Information for Tony Barnabas Otieno

Tony Barnabas Otieno
2/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
1/1/2002 12:00:00 AM


Homa Bay
Nyanza Homa Bay Nyarongi
Homa Bay
Kanyacto to East

Tony came to The Hope Centre in 2010 at around age 8. After running away from his abusive father, Tony was staying on the streets of Kisumu and eventually made it to Lake Victoria in Western Kenya. He knew that he had an uncle who lived there who might be able to care for him, but Tony was never able to find him. Instead, he was spotted by some fishermen who recommended that the District Commissioner help find a permanent home for Tony. The DC brought Tony to The Hope Centre, and in recent years, Tony has been joined here by all 5 of his siblings! Sisters Jackie, Prisca, Monika, and brother Barack. Tony is an absolute treasure at The Hope Centre - He leads children in Sunday School, helps with nightly devotions, and leads a discipleship group! Tony is now 17 and in Form 2 (sophomore year) at The Carter Education Centre. He has previously served as Class President, and next year, he plans to become the Environmental Official for the CEC. Tony’s favorite subjects are History and English. His best friends are Innocent, Vincent, and Maxwell. At THC, Tony and some peers have recently built a treehouse - and he just enjoys helping everyone!