Child Information for George Wiclif Odoyo

George Wiclif Odoyo
11/14/2004 12:00:00 AM


Central Baringo Abogeta

George has been a part of the Hope Centre since 2013. We have been able to watch him grow up for the past 6 years, and can’t believe that he is already in secondary school. Although he is now a young man, he has still maintained his goofy, hilarious nature. He is definitely one of the biggest jokesters here! He is in Form 1 this year, and his favorite subject is Biology. He says it comes easily to him, and he like to study the human body. After he graduates from secondary, he wants to go to university and study electrical engineering. The Kenya government requires all orphans to return to whatever family they have during school holidays, so George goes to stay with his brother on school breaks. Although he misses his family and friends at the Hope Centre, he cherishes the time he gets to spend with his older brother. He looks up to him as a role model, and loves that he has the opportunity to go home and help him during that time. George’s favorite part about living at the Hope Centre is how he gets to spend his days with all of his closest friends. He is so thankful to be here.