God is Good and He Knows What He is Doing

It is with a great deal of sorrow and grief that I must report to you that our dear little Evone lost her battle with kidney failure. Yesterday, she entered glory and met Jesus face to face.

Evone came to live with us at the Hope Centre just a year ago in July. Her life prior to the Hope Centre was difficult. With no parents, she lived with a neighbor who was known to spend more money on alcohol than on her children.

Evone quickly acclimated to the Hope Centre. She was known for laughing, playing and doing her chores with the other young girls who have lived there for many years. Evone’s smile was one that will not be forgotten. Her laugh was contagious and her enthusiasm was heart-warming. Evone loved to dance to the music that plays throughout the entire compound – music that praises the name of Jesus! Evone will be greatly missed.

At Living Hope, we were greatly blessed by the many generous donations that were given to help with Evone’s medical bills. Through those donations, we will assist Evone’s family with funeral expenses. Also, with any remaining funds, we are establishing an emergency medical fund to help the other children in our care.