Just Joy!


It feels like I never left this beautiful place. Kenya is another home, and my home is becoming homier everyday. As I lie here, on a top bunk in the girls’ dorm, under my mosquito net, surrounded by 23 sleeping sisters… I am in awe at how The Lord has blessed me. Each night, after the kids have returned from school, the compound is filled to the brim with hugs and giggles – it seems too good to be true. These kids are just joy.

The other night, during our nightly devotion time with the kids, one of the oldest boys, Ambrose (10th grade), volunteered to close us in prayer. As he spoke aloud to God, and because of one specific request he made, I was just floored at how beautiful The Lord has made his heart. He prayed the usual requests such as, “keep us safe through the night, and be with us during our day tomorrow…” But what he said next was the kicker. Ambrose proceeded to pray, “Lord, please be with the widows and the orphans…”

Ambrose has three other siblings who also live here at The Hope Centre. Before coming to live here, Ambrose helped shoulder the responsibility of caring for himself and his brother and sisters as they had no guardians or family to provide for them. Imagine four young children living absolutely alone, in this village, in a mud hut, without proper food, clothing, or love. Here is this orphaned child, praying for other orphaned children. I’m not sure it gets much sweeter than that.

Ambrose is really an outstanding person. His love for others and his fervor for knowing the Lord is admirable, and I am forever grateful for the love and discipleship that God is providing through Living Hope Ministries International. This is what it’s all about. Giving these kids who were previously abandoned, left hungry, neglected, and forgotten, a safe place to live, eat, sleep, learn, grow, and be loved. This is a place of substance. This is a place where God is working in and through these young kids as disciples are being made and will eventually be sent out.

Praise God for his provision!

Please continue to pray for The Hope Centre— for those who manage it as well as the kids who call it home. Please pray for Ambrose—that Christ will only become a bigger part of his life and that He will continue to settle within Ambrose’s heart and stir him with a fiery passion to reach his community.