101 Reasons not to run with a Kenyan

I’m not actually going to list 101 reasons not to, but believe me, I have more than that many about why it’s a bad idea.

One of my favorite people to workout with here is Gilbert. I’m not implying I actually workout a lot but when I do he’s a lot of fun. Okay, imagine teaching someone how to do a squat that has never done one. That’s pretty funny by itself because it takes awhile to get the hang of, now add a tall lanky 6’5"", 16 year old doing it and it is hilarious. A day after our first ab workout Gilbert comes up to me and says, “Rachel, I think I’m sick. My tummy hurts really bad, it hurts to breathe.” Isn’t it pretty bizarre to think that he has no idea that he’s just sore?

So, our deal is if he works out with me I have to run with him. So we went running. Little did I know Gilbert’s version of a short, easy run is a 5 mile 6:30 minute pace run.

Mhmmm, this is not what I signed up for. Also God’s got my back because there are conveniently located mango trees and guava trees on our running trail, so I was able to convince him to stop and snack every once in awhile. We were on our way back, I was dying, sprinting, dripping sweat, gasping for air and I look over……. he’s skipping?! (and he's wearing flip-flops) Surely not… HES SKIPPING! I’M OVER HERE DYING AND HES SKIPPING!

So he was a fun workout partner while it lasted.

I’m now in the search for an 8 year old that wants to workout, hopefully that will be more my speed.

I’ll let you know how the search goes...