Child Information for Vincent Oketch Omondi

Vincent Oketch Omondi
6/28/2008 12:00:00 AM
1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM


South Sakwa
Nyanza Awendo
South Sakwa

Vincent is in the 8th grade at Andingo Primary School - located about half a mile down the road from THC. Vincent came to live at THC in 2008 with his brother Collins. At that time, Vincent was so little and now he is growing into such a handsome young man - it is beautiful to watch his heart grow sweeter and more wonderful each year. When I asked Vincent what his emotions were like upon his very first arrival to live at THC, he said, “I thought here was so good because they helped me in going to school”. He says his biggest joy in living here is getting to learn about many things. When Vincent grows up and graduates from school, he wants to be a “professional footballer”. He really loves (and is amazing at) soccer (which they call football). During the months of April, August and December, the kids have a holiday from school and they are required by the Kenyan government to return ‘home’ to whatever family they might have. During holiday, Vincent goes to stay with his grandmother and grandfather who are farmers. While they do not have enough money, resources, or energy to take care of Vincent and his brother full-time, they are willing to try their best for the boys to stay with them for the short time of holiday. On a typical day at Vincent’s grandparents’ house Vincent has many duties. The morning and afternoon time is reserved for assisting his grandmother with household tasks such as mopping, cleaning, and cooking. During the evenings, Vincent gets to play with his friends. Vincent has requested that you be in prayer for him to finish his education and also for his family.