Child Information for Jane Atieno Awino

Jane Atieno Awino
2/19/2008 12:00:00 AM
3/2/1996 12:00:00 AM


Ombo Hospital
Nyanza Migori Abogeta
Opasi Market
Suna Rabuor

Jane has been at The Hope Centre since 2008, and is a good and peaceful leader to the younger girls at The Hope Centre. Jane says her favorite part of living at The Hope Centre has been the opportunity she has had to be taught about The Lord and how to feel His presence. Jane is also grateful for the opportunity to go to school and learn how to be a good student. She also loves interacting with other people, visitors, and children at The Hope Centre. Jane says that at The Hope Centre, she feels like she’s with family. When Jane is on holiday, she stays with her brother. During this time, she mainly focuses on her studies. When Jane is finished with secondary school, she wants to become a nurse so that she can help others. Jane has requested that you be in prayer for her schooling and for her to prosper in her education. Please also pray that Jane will have a better future, and for her to become a light for Christ in her community.