Take a Tour of the Hope Center (Video)

Please take a moment to look at the orphanage through the eyes of Justin, one of our college interns, who spent the summer at the Hope Centre.

Karibu pronounced CARE eee boo

Karibu means "You're Welcome" in the Luo Language, BUT when repeated 3 times in rapid succession by an intern, it means "I don't have a clue what you are saying". That is almost always followed by howls of laughter from the kids. It's amazing the bonds and 'Secret Language' that develops as you spend time with these kids.

Help us build a school

Imagine schools made from sticks, mud and corrugated steel. Imagine one teacher for every 55 students and sitting on the floor because there aren't enough desks. Imagine three students sharing a desk and textbook because there aren't enough to go around. Imagine languishing in a classroom, in some cases, for most of the day without a teacher to offer instruction.

It's hard to imagine because it's so far from the American norm, but it's the reality that our children face. Our eager students occupy teacher-less classrooms for hours each day with no textbooks and no assignments. They are deprived of the cognitive stimulation and critical thinking skills that are the foundation of scholastic achievement.

Our vision is to open a school at The Hope Center, primarily staffed by qualified Kenyan teachers with capable American oversight. We would ensure a low student/teacher ratio and provide accountability for teacher attendance and performance. The school would offer sufficient access to textbooks, manipulatives, and other teaching tools absent from our village schools.

If you're interested in learning more about our vision for the school, would like to hold a fund-raiser to benefit the school, or know of a corporate entity that might have an interest in providing a grant, please contact us.

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