Child Information for Vivian Flavia Anyango

Vivian Flavia Anyango
8/25/2014 12:00:00 AM
1/1/2008 12:00:00 AM


Nyanza Migori Suba East

Vivian is a 6th grader this year! She can still be quiet and shy, but when she is around her friends she doesn’t stop smiling and laughing. Vivian says that her favorite subject this year is English, because she enjoys reading it and it comes easily to her. After she graduates from secondary, she has the desire to move to Nairobi to attend university and become a secretary for a successful business. But, she also expressed dreams of becoming a musician! She loves to sing in choir every Sunday, and she wants to learn how to play the piano. The Kenya government requires all orphans to return to whatever family they have during school holidays, so Vivian stays with her grandmother. While she is there, she enjoys playing soccer and football with her siblings, and helps her grandmother by washing dishes and doing other household chores. Vivian is so thankful for all the help, guidance, and care that she gets from living at The Hope Centre.