Child Information for Sheila Robi Steven

Sheila Robi Steven
1/15/2019 12:00:00 AM


Central Baringo Abogeta

Shelia is one of the Hope Centre’s newest treasures who everybody is coming to adorn and love. This 12 year old girl has found THC to be a safe haven from the tribe she is from (Kuria) where FGM (female genital mutilation) is preformed in the early doubt digit left behind her 2 brothers and mother who are safe at home. During school holidays, when Kenyan government requires all children who have been orphaned and live at a children’s home such as THC to return home to their guardians, she returns to her grandmother where she is safe. Since she got here, she has been welcomed with open arms by the other young girls and to their games of handball, volleyball, futbol and jumping on the trampoline. She is quickly growing into an intelligent, gentle, and caring young lady and is truly a joy to be around! In school, she is the top 10 in her class and speaks 3 languages with ease. While conversing in a group, Shelia can switch from Kiswahil to English without a stutter. She is absolutely brilliant. Although she preforms outstanding in all subjects, she enjoys science the most since she aims to be a scientist when she grows up.