Child Information for Barack Obama Gabriel

Barack Obama Gabriel
6/1/2019 12:00:00 AM


Nyanza Rachuonyo Rachuonyo
Homa Bay
South Kanyaluo

Obama recently made it here to the Hope Centre joining his 3/4 sisters; Monica, Jackie, Prisca, and Sally with the help of his oldest brother, Tony. He’s mother was in the hospital due to hiv illnesses and unable to take care of him or his siblings. He is 7 years old and starting pre unit schooling with his best friend Oleshan! Since he has been with here at the THC, his english has impressively increased along with the smiles seen from him. The older boys have come to him to help increase his studies which he is eager to master. Recently, Obama has mastered his ABCs and 1-20 like a pro. When he is not studying, he can be found running and riding the bike here which encourages his desire to go to driving school when he goes up.